Anthony May
Document 1 (Rib Cage)Document 2 (Molecules)Document 3 (Spine)Document 4 (Animal Tree)Document 5 (3 Vertebrae)Document 6 (Homo Erectus)Document 7 (Preliminary)Document 8 (9 Fossils)Document 9 (3 Skulls)Document 10 (Data)Document 11 (Virtually Animals and Plants)Document 12 (Mutation)Document 13 (4 Bones)Document 14 (Unit of Life)Document 15 (Wall Drawings)Document 16 (Million Years)Document 17 (Papyrus)Document 18 (Greek Roots)Document 19 (Proteins)Document 20 (Vertical 2)Document 21 (Yellow DNA)Document 22 (Cranium)Document 23 (World Map)Document 24 (Darwin)
Document Series 2007
This series explores the coexistence of religion and evolution.

The paper is handmade from various holy books. The act of making paper...(blend the ingredients and have them reassemble to make something new) a perfect vehicle for showing how the many factions of religion can be one.

The evolution collage imagery is applied to the spiritual base. These two very powerful subjects can be recognized equally without the strife and violence that usually accompanies them.